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Contractors Completing Commercial Renovations and More

The commercial builders at All-Trade Contractors Ltd have over fifty years of combined experience, which means that we are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of the services we provide to commercial businesses in Chelmsford. The services we deliver to clients include commercial renovations, fire door installations, commercial refurbishments and acoustic door installations.

Revitalising, altering and updating your building is the perfect way to improve the environment in your workspace, the company culture, the design, efficiency and the aesthetic. At All-Trade Contractors, we can recommend and advise on the type of building work needed to achieve clients’ visions. Our team also provides services that improve the functionality of commercial business buildings in Chelmsford. For example, our acoustic door installation experts can help improve the soundproofing of your premises.

Here, we answer some commonly asked questions about the acoustic door installations we complete in Chelmsford and the other areas we cover.

What Are Acoustic Doors?

Acoustic doors are designed to soundproof all types of rooms. They keep out noise from outside sources such as traffic, planes, office work or street noise. They can also be used to keep noise in a specific room, which is ideal for music venues, hotels, offices, cinemas, airports and schools. Our commercial builders help clients determine the intended purpose for the acoustic door so we can install the correct door for their specifications.

What are Acoustic Solutions?

There will be many factors in creating an acoustic solution for your commercial business; acoustic doors are just one of them. At All-Trade Contractors, our commercial builders undertake all types of building work including commercial renovations and commercial refurbishments, during which we can influence the properties of the build. These measures can include fitting specific insulation materials as well as installing double or triple glazed windows and doors into your Chelmsford building.

Our trusted team also complete fire door installations to ensure that your building is as safe as possible, meets the current UK Building Regulations and adheres to health and safety standards.

How are Acoustic Doors Installed?

Our team of acoustic door installation experts are fully qualified to fit all types of soundproofing doors and frames in buildings in Chelmsford. We will ensure that they are correctly sealed and fitted so no sounds can escape through gaps in the sealant strips.

We can advise clients on the best type of acoustic door for their commercial business, with options ranging from 33dB to 54dB noise reduction levels. We also provide a range of finishes for doors, including:

  • Laminates

  • Glazing

  • Painting

  • Veneer Facings

The trusted commercial builders at All-Trade Contractors complete a range of services for commercial buildings in Chelmsford, including commercial renovations, fire door installations, commercial refurbishments and acoustic door installations. Our experts manage all stages of the building work and will communicate with clients throughout the build to ensure that all work meets their specifications.

For commercial builders completing a wide range of services in Chelmsford, including expert commercial renovations, please call All-Trade Contractors Ltd on 01732 523474 today.