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Managing Fire Door Installation in Croydon | Understanding the Benefits of Installing Fire Doors

There are many advantages to fitting fire doors in your premises, the main one being that they can save lives. Whether they are a legal requirement for you or if you are interested in improving the safety of your building, All-Trade Contractors Ltd manages fire door installations. Our commercial builders also manage acoustic door installations for those looking to better soundproof their property. To further optimise buildings in Croydon and the other areas we cover, we can undertake commercial renovations and refurbishments.

Many factors make fire doors a sensible investment. Our experts have listed a few of their benefits here.

  • Security

  • Durability

  • Quality

  • Soundproofing


These doors are extremely strong, which means that they provide more security than normal doors. They are typically much harder for intruders to get through, so these doors help make properties more secure. Fire doors need to be unlocked when people are in the building, but when they are unoccupied the doors can be locked, keeping your space safe and protected.


With solid construction, fire doors have been specifically designed to withstand fire for longer than an average door. This durability also means fire door installations will be able to better withstand daily wear and tear than other doors. Our commercial builders can advise you on all of the finishes we have available to further ensure your needs are met. We can also help enhance your Croydon premises with commercial renovations, commercial refurbishments or acoustic door installations, depending on your requirements.


All the products All-Trade Contractors Ltd provides are made with the highest quality materials. Our modern installations are not only practical and durable but they are also aesthetically pleasing and can enhance the look of buildings. These additions can help make your premises more attractive to prospective clients or buyers and provide assurance of your stature as a business or property owner.


In addition to stopping the spread of fire, All-Trade Contractors Ltd’s fire door installations can also reduce noise pollution. This is an ideal feature for work environments because noise reduction can improve focus and productivity. If soundproofing is your primary objective, we also manage acoustic door installations in and around Croydon. Our team can create your desired space with our specialist doors and our commercial renovations and commercial refurbishments. 

Our commercial builders are happy to discuss your requirements for creating a safe, practical and attractive building.

For commercial builders completing fire door installations in the Croydon area, please call All-Trade Contractors Ltd on 01732 523474 today.