Commercial Builders in Lewisham
Expert Fire Door Installations for Commercial Businesses

The expert team of commercial builders at All-Trade Contractors Ltd undertakes a range of services, including commercial renovations, acoustic door installations, commercial refurbishments and fire door installations, to fulfil all commercial businesses' requirements in Lewisham and the surrounding areas.

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Our commercial builders manage all stages of the work we complete, from structural work and extensions to renovations, refurbishments and conversions. We strip out the buildings whilst retaining the external structure, clear all waste from the area and tidy up so that the site is ready for its intended purpose.

Our fire door installation experts manage every aspect of the fittings, including updating existing doors, undertaking maintenance and completing repair work so that the fire doors meet health and safety measures in Lewisham and the current UK Building Regulations. Repair work can be completed as an individual job or as part of commercial renovations and commercial refurbishments. We also have a team of acoustic door installation experts who can soundproof rooms for all types of commercial businesses, including hotels, airports and music venues.

We are fully qualified to complete fire door installations and repairs in Lewisham. Our team is approved to install fire doors through the Fire Accreditation Scheme (FIRAS) and is also approved to install Enfield Doors.

All-Trade Contractors install a range of fire doors in wood, metal and composite construction, so we have an option for everyone. All of the doors we fit are designed and tested to provide optimal fire and smoke protection. The common areas where our commercial builders repair fire doors include:

  • Frame Damage

  • Leaf Gaps

  • Hinges

  • Closing Devices

  • Safety Strips

  • Air Grilles

Finishes to fire doors can also become damaged, such as glazing. This means that the insulation properties will have diminished, which, although not necessarily structurally relevant, can still impact the door’s performance.

In instances when it is not possible to repair the fire doors, our fire door installation experts will fit new door and frame sets in your Lewisham building. Repairs are usually not suitable when doors have endured severe integral damage or no longer meet the current UK Building Regulations and health and safety requirements. Fire doors are in constant use, which means that failures in performance can occur over an extended period of time. The environment and amount of use can impact a fire door’s longevity.

With over fifty years of combined experience, our commercial builders are experienced in fitting all types of fire doors, and we offer a ‘whole of life’ service.

The team of commercial builders at All-Trade Contractors is available for emergency situations on evenings and weekends. We are also available to answer any questions that prospective clients have about the commercial renovations, commercial refurbishments, acoustic door installations and fire door installations and repairs we complete for commercial businesses in Lewisham and the other areas we cover. 

For commercial builders providing a wide range of services in Lewisham, including fire door installations, please call All-Trade Contractors Ltd on 01732 523474 today.