Commercial Renovation in Maidstone
Improving Businesses With Commercial Refurbishments

The team at All-Trade Contractors Ltd undertakes a wide range of specialist services for commercial businesses in Maidstone and the surrounding areas. The services we complete for clients include:

  • Acoustic Door Installations

  • Commercial Refurbishments

  • Fire Door Installations

Visit our gallery to see more of the other expert services our commercial builders provide to suit each client’s unique requirements. 

Commercial refurbishments are the perfect way to alter and update your building so that it is fit for purpose, efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

At All-Trade Contractors, we communicate with our commercial clients to understand what they aim to achieve with our commercial refurbishments. We can advise on the work to be undertaken in order to fulfil the clients’ desired design and provide a quote for the work to be undertaken by our commercial builders.

Transforming your building to meet UK Building Regulations and refresh the style and design can improve your employees’ performance, reduce costs across multiple areas, promote your company’s brand and improve company culture.

We increase the safety of commercial businesses in Maidstone by providing fire door installations. Our team fits door and frame sets to suit each business’ requirements. All-Trade Contractors also undertake acoustic door installations to soundproof rooms for all types of commercial buildings, such as hospitals, music venues, airports and more.

Commercial refurbishments also provide clients with the opportunity to alter their building into the space they want without the cost and hassle of moving.

For those looking to modernise, update and make structural alterations to their building, we also complete commercial renovations for businesses in Maidstone.

A contemporary commercial building, such as an office space, is a great way to attract new customers. At All-Trade Contractors, our commercial builders can undertake all types of services for commercial refurbishments to revitalise your aesthetic, design and meet new health and safety requirements.

For individual rooms that require soundproofing, such as interview rooms, our acoustic door installation experts will recommend and fit the right type of door to suit your specifications.

We also undertake full and partial commercial refurbishments depending on your business’ individual requirements. We manage everything from refurbishing single rooms, such as reception areas, to large-scale projects that alter the entire building.

The commercial builders at All-Trade Contractors can also complete fire door installations during commercial refurbishments and renovations so that businesses in Maidstone and the other areas we cover are as safe as possible. We can also complete extensions, decorate, re-tile and lay specialised flooring, including hardwood floors, for commercial businesses.

The commercial builders at All-Trade Contractors are happy for prospective clients to contact us with any questions they have about the commercial renovations, acoustic door installations, commercial refurbishments and fire door installations that we complete for commercial businesses in Maidstone.

For commercial renovations as well as full and partial commercial refurbishments in Maidstone, please call All-Trade Contractors on 01732 523474.